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Two Years in Food…

I know this is a new blog and a fresh adventure for me, but I did want to take five minutes to really express what an amazing food journey I’ve had in the past two years. We went to live in Australia, we came back and went to New York, visited places we haven’t been to in England and then dashed off to Spain.


It’s been incredible and I hope this year brings many more tasty trips. I wouldn’t have done it without him of course, so I thank you. My family and friends, his family and friends-just everybody thanks, thanks, thanks!

Below are some of the highlights, and places I would recommend as must visit’s!


Ah, beautiful Aus. Food wise, it was just a never ending conveyor belt of new experiences for me, especially regarding organic produce and getting an insight in to vegetarian/vegan foods. I’m not either of these, but I do love vegetarian dishes. It makes you think a little bit more about what your cooking with and how to enhance flavours.

For my birthday, he took me to indulge in the discovery menu at the prestigious Voyager Estate in Margaret River, and it was literally the best food I have ever eaten. It’s also one of the most treasured days in my memory I have of “us”.

Voyager picture

Then my best friend came to visit and we had a sunset BBQ by Ayers Rock and ate breakfast by Sydney Harbour! If they aren’t moments to look back on I don’t know what are. Tasty and sentimental!

New York/Philadelphia…

New York. Every girls dream right? Well, mine too but more for the variety of cultures and foods that NYC is saturated in. Then, when in Phili visiting friends, we of course had to check out the infamous Phili cheese steak to see what all the fuss is about!  

From The Chelsea Market (my ultimate fave!) to the refined and quite elegant “Eataly”, this city was utterly scrumptious.  The one place that we both wanted to see was Katz Deli, the meeting place for Harry and Sally. It was raw, real and quite overwhelming because it was so “local”, but that’s what we wanted a taste of and we got it. Plus a huge taste of that succulent pastrami!


After winning a Vogue competition, we headed down to the big smoke for a long weekend. Being an English girl, I have only ever been to my capital once, so it was about time I paid her a visit. Because we’re pigs, it was obviously revolved around food. I might have a won a ticket to a fashion event, but after two hours in killer heels, it was food that was on my mind. Oops! We found this lovely little Thai place called “Rosa’s” and I had coconut soup-I screamed it was THAT good. Then on the last day, we found ourselves back at Carnaby Street and went to “The Rum Kitchen”. I can’t tell you what happened after that because there was too many cocktails and a lot of pulled pork. Pretty perfect afternoon actually!

As his parents still live down under, we all met up in Spain for a family holiday. Llafranc, a colourful little seaside town on the Costa Brava, ignited my love for Europe once more with it’s fresh fish and just pulled out the ocean seafood. To finish the break off in style, we were Barcelona bound. Inevitably there was only one thing I needed to do: get stuck in to the fabulous market on the Ramblas and just eat. Then eat some more and go back the next day to eat again.

So in my quest to become the ultimate food writer, I think I am definitely on my way! Where 2015 will lead us in anyone’s guess, but I can already see Italy on the horizon…

Thanks again for reading and following. I feel sincerely blessed and lucky, especially after reading this post back to myself. The world is big and full of people, food and wonders!


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