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A heart made of gingerbread: it’s why I love biscuits!

It’s been lurking there for the past week now. I wish it would just show itself or even better, get lost!

It’s the sore throat, the sniffles and that kind of spontaneous splutter which I’m ashamed to call a cough.

My logic is this:

To get rid of a cold you need natural remedies, a good old wives tale soloution, like ginger.

You must also feed a cold.

There wasn’t really another option that popped out at me, other than gingerbread biscuits.

Quite sensible.

Very comforting.

So delicious your forget your ailments!

photo (8)

This recipe is my Grandmas, so now I understand why she never gets a cold!

You will need:

12 oz plain flour

4 oz butter, room temp and cubed

6 oz brown sugar

1 egg

4 tblspn syrup

2 tablspn milk

2 tsp  ground ginger

In a bowl, rub the flour, ginger and butter together until you get a fine mix. Add in the brown sugar and run through your fingers again.

In a seperate bowl/cup, whisk the egg, syrup and milk together.

Add in to the dry ingredients and mix until you have a dough. I used a wooden spoon to almost fold everything together and then continued using my hands to form a good dough.

On a lightly floured surface, knead slightly until it’s smooth.

I always cut the dough in half and roll out separately because this recipe makes quite a lot! I know, I know, as if greedy guts over here is really thinking about how much there is!

Once rolled to about half a cm thick, cut out your shapes and place on a tray with baking paper and cook for about 12 minutes at 190 degrees.

I cut mine in to hearts. Start from the heart and everything else will fall in to place!


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