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Beatrix Potter has been “Bakewelled”…

When your a child, many a things surprise you: Santa, the coin under your pillow when your tooth falls out.

The finding of the cupboard where your Dad has hidden the good biscuits!

I think my obsession with seeking out these little sweet shockers has stemmed from this act of hiding the good stuff, because no matter where I go, I turn down that street that’s off the beaten track, or spot the glinting of cake stands in a window that’s not quite visible to the untrained eye and find the best places!

We decided to challenge ourselves to walk the route which leads you to where Beatrix Potter lived. Over the beautiful hills of Bowness we went.

This is where it gets a little greedy.

A pub appeared, like a mirage when we were dreaming of local beer and rustic home cooked chips, both must have’s on when you’ve got your hiking boots on and in The Lakes right?

Anyway, we were fed and watered and set back off again.

I turned a corner after taking around twenty-five steps, only to find the cutest little teashop; the sort where Miss. Potter could have sat and written tales of Peter Rabbit nibbling at the carrot cake.

Yes, I had had lunch, but there’s always room for a home made cake!

Hilltop was the place, Hillstop was the name of the cafe. Cute, cakey and exactly what you need when trying to find Beatrix Potter! I had this delicious slice of bakewell that just melted in my mouth and made the ache in my legs from walking up hills worth it!

I’ll definitely be going back because the gentlemen behind the counter brews his own cider, and is currently trying to gain his licence to sell it.

Bakewell’s and cider: if that’s not inspiration I don’t know what is!


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