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A sunny must…

England is brimming with beauty and Bowness offers nothing less! When I came back from Australia, it took me a while to appreciate that I live in such a wonderful area, and that there are many places up and down the country which I haven’t yet discovered.

England. Pretty and pretty inspiring.


My holiday isn’t a holiday unless I’ve walked some old cobbled streets and found a good cake shop!


If your planning on visiting Bowness, you should definitely have a go at the walk which leads you to not only Beatrix Potter’s house, but to the lovely little teashop we found, Hillstop, serving treats to spur you on! 

Get an ice-cream on the lakeside.

And relax with a cocktail and a cheese board at The Country Hut; a quirky bar serving meats, cheeses and cocktails in jars!




  1. I didn’t know Beatrix Potter’s place was near Bowness! I lived in carlisle as a young teenager and often went to Bowness. Would love to see more photos of it!


    • Emily Llou says

      Yes she lived right at the top of this hill and it’s a seven mile walk to her house! It’s a lovely walk though and her house is now owned by the National Trust 🙂 thanks for reading!

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      • I’d love to see hilltop one day. She is one of my heroes. I write for my grandchildren and I dream of publishing my stories and poems!


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