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The real ingredients to a wonderful life: huge pigs and cinnamon rolls…

Strange combination, I know!

But they fit together perfectly when you throw in a bit of Spring evening sun, and a slightly romantic walk in the countryside.

The essential ingredients to a wonderful life? Love, a bit of rural humour and a dessert to follow of course!

How to have an extremely happy evening:

You will need:

1) A wonderful little country lane to stroll down, brimming with plots tended to by the locals, and a pig that is a little too friendly…


Cue “Patricia”.

Plus a series of uncontrollable squeals from me, and a stomach rumble from him…

2) Some muddy terrain.

A large hill topped with a field  full of lambs to trudge through, which also plays host to a minefield of droppings-not good when your wearing crocs (yes, I wear crocs sometimes OK!)

3) A Grandma with a wit quicker than yours.

A quick cuddle and a giggle at her never ending stories about WW2, and it’s back to the house for cinnamon roll.

4) Cinnamon roll, fresh out of the oven, oozing with cinnamon butter and raisins.

You know me and my beliefs: the root of happiness is simplicity and in order for this kind of joy to grow, you must find a little glow in everything you see.

Spend some time with the ones you love the most.

Find warmth in the joyous laugh of your old Granny!

Make something from scratch, knowing that you deserve a little treat and enjoy it without feeling guilty.

Cinnamon roll: the simplest bake you will find!

cinnamon roll

You will need:

A packet of puff pastry

120g salted butter at room temperature

4 heaped teaspoons of ground cinnamon

4 heaped teaspoons of caster sugar

The seeds of a vanilla pod

A teaspoon of honey

A teaspoon of milk

Raisins-about two handfuls but the amount is dependent on the person eating it!

An egg, beaten to brush the pastry with before baking

The juice from half an orange for drizzling

Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees.

Beat the ingredients together until smooth.

Lightly flour a surface and roll the pastry out in to a large rectangle. Mine was around 30cm by 45cm. It needs to be a few millimeters thick.

Spread the mix evenly across the pastry, leaving a very small gap of about one cm around the edges. Sprinkle on the raisins evenly.

Carefully roll the pastry, starting from the smallest end (30cm side).

Place on a lightly oiled baking tray and brush the pastry with the beaten egg. Sprinkle with a little brown sugar and bake for 35 minutes, turning half way through.

Leave to cool slightly before piercing a few small holes in to the roll and squeeze a little orange juice on top.

Slice and eat with your favourite person.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Mr & Mrs “TIOAWL”, then take a sharing plate up to bed and eat with a cup of tea!


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