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Cup of tea? It is VE Day after all!

Everybody who knows me will be fed up of me writing about VE Day because I’ve posted bits and bobs about it everywhere!

I’m just fascinated by it all.

There was such an incredible sense of unity about everybody.

I can sit and listen to my Grandmothers all day long, listening to their stories of how they didn’t really think about it, they just “did”. We need a bit of that these days don’t we?

I don’t need an excuse to get the bunting out, but if there was ever a weekend to do so, this is it!

We take so much for granted.

Especially food.

I ask my Grannies what their key to life is and I can assure you, one of their main sticklers is real food. Everything in moderation. Don’t be so greedy!

In honour of all those brave souls, and my own ninety year old wonders, Meg and Vera, I’m going to sit and watch the VE day celebrations with a good cup of tea and a slice of Victoria sponge!


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