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Put a Spring (onion!) in your soup!

As I promised earlier in the week, after making a delicious wholemeal loaf I immediately had to whip up some sort of soup that enabled me to dip a large chunk of said bread in to it.

The two are made for each other.

Seen as it’s Spring-although the weather does tell me otherwise here in England-I wanted a light soup. I wanted a clear, fresh and fragrant bowl of something that was worthy of playing host to my yeasty success.

And so it was born.

There’s only one thing that says Spring to me and that’s spring onions…


You will need:

100g spring onions chopped in to chunks

1 large leek cut into chunks of about 1.5 cm

50g chopped baby carrots

50g garden peas

1 litre boiling water

3 tblsp of concentrated liquid chicken stock

2 bay leaves

1 crushed garlic clove

Half a teaspoon of coriander stalks, chopped

Salt and pepper

In a large pan, lightly fry the onions, leeks and carrots together, adding in the garlic after a few minutes to make sure it doesn’t burn. Leave to slowly cook on a low heat for about fifteen minutes.

Mix the stock with the boiling water and pour over the vegetables adding in the bay leaves, the peas and coriander. Season well and leave to simmer for 15 minutes.

And that’s really it.

The bread will last you for days and the soup will last you for a while. Freeze it, take it for your lunch or just take a big spoon and sit in front of the TV with it, dipping your loaf as you go.

The one certainty is this: these are easy recipes.

Eat well.

Eat simply.

Eat real food!


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