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Have you curd the news? It’s weekend!

I’m one of those people who eats mostly well during the week-save for a custard cream during my midweek Wednesday dip-but when it comes to weekend, I like a few treats.

Otherwise life wouldn’t be worth living would it? No offence to Mr. Kneady of course!

I still had my daily porridge this morning, but it’s nice to put a scoop of something devilish in it isn’t it?

Something creamy and bright and…lemon curdy.

A spoonful of this zesty naughtiness is a perfect way I start you Saturday and couldn’t be easier to make.

Four ingredients, ten minutes and there’s nothing in there that’s horrendously bad for you in small doses. Let’s be realistic.

Brighten your day, your mood and your morning like this:


Melt 8oz butter with 4 oz sugar until smooth and creamy in a pan.

Whisk 4 free range eggs. Take the butter mix off the heat and whisk the eggs in very small parts at a time. Although your pouring the eggs in slowly, whisk quickly.

Put back on the heat when all the eggs are done and add in the juice of 4 lemons. Stir with a wooden spoon on a low heat.

When you feel the mix thickening against the back of your spoon, pour in to a sterilised jar.

Then, add a little naughtiness to your goodness and relaid in the happiness of life!


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