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Butter me Beautiful: “In Vogue butter”

Who doesn’t love butter?

I mean, there will be many who sneakily spread it on to their morning toast, claiming it to be a low-fat, dairy free, almond tasting, soya-something alternative, but in reality, it’s good old butter.

I’ve been trying to get people excited about this for a long time.

Butter isn’t bad for you you know.

I’m not saying you should demolish a whole block whilst watching Titanic or anything, but a little here and there is, I believe, good for you.

And anyway, it said so in Vogue.


A whole feature dedicated to a product that for a while, has been avoided.

Look at Julia Child and the classic chefs like Mr. Roux-all ancient, all fabulous.

I want to be fabulous when I’m ancient therefore I shall eat butter.

Who’s with me?!

I wanted to show people how easy it is to make butter at home, so I made a small batch just for you…


You will need:

A whisk-preferably electric

A small 150ml tub of good quality double cream

A bowl of cold water

A pinch of salt-add more or less depending on your taste buds

Whisk your cream and salt until it forms a light yellowy ball and releases the buttermilk.

Once in to a solid, butter-like structure, place in to the bowl of cold water.

Gently squeeze until your water is cloudy with excess buttermilk.

Drain, re-fill with cold water and repeat until the water remains clear.

Then I guess it’s time for Titanic and a spoon…


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