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Eating Australia: Goodbye England!

It’s everything you imagine and more.

Blue sea, white sand, great food.

It’s taken me more than a year to get over my time in Australia, especially all the wonderful markets they have, and just as I begin to be OK about being England, here we go back to the land of endless possibility.

This time it’s only for three weeks, but I feel like I’m going home.

The place I miss like crazy is Fremantle market with it’s streets upon on streets of colour and an indoor mirage of culture…and pad thai.

Oh how I long for the taste of that little corner stall!

The point is, it all began in Aus.

I began blogging and my passion for food just blew up.

On my check list for Australia/my stomach 2015?

Mindil Beach Market.

A sunset meeting of hungry minds in Darwin-a state I have never been to but feel like I might just become Nicole Kidman-to just enjoy food, life and beauty I guess.

Want to know what your missing? Grab a blanket, watch the sun go down and watch this…

So, it’s off to Perth to stay with Mr. Kneady’s parents, up to Broome for a wedding and on to Darwin for the Mindil market and a 3 day tour around the natural wonder that is Kakadu National Park.

If anyone knows of anything that we should be doing, seeing or more importantly eating, please let me know!

I guess I will see you on the other side ๐Ÿ™‚


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