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Memories are made of…Tapas?

It’s no secret that me and Mr. Kneady love to eat.

We’re not fussy.

 We will eat anywhere, try anything (well, almost anything) and most of all, eat with anyone.

It just happens to make it so much better when you’re with people that you actually, well, like.

When we lived in Australia, we used to go to a little side street tapas bar called Andaluz, and in a word, consume.

It was a case of “let’s not look at our bank balance until next week” kind of date because we just couldn’t stop ordering.

Or drinking.

Or “mmm-ing”.

As you know, we are back in Aus for a few weeks and took the family out for a meal at a place which holds many belly busting memories for us.


The clue is in the name.

It’s a “and this”, “oh and this”, “actually and this” kind of place.

Where: 21 Howard street, Perth, WA

Must have dish: They change the menu often but always have their chorizo plate on. Perfectly plump and oozing with flavour.

I love it because it’s one of those back street basement places which just echoes that edgy underground vibe; where the two of us can just go to relax, make some memories and share some amazing food.


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