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The sunset markets: grab your food then grab your guy!

It’s not often in your lifetime that you get to do truly romantic things. The kind that you only ever see in films.

Unless your me!

As you know we are currently in Australia and tonight was the night that I finally got to go and eat my heart out at Mindil Beach Market.

It was so full of life and…delicacies. Chinese, Thai, Mexican and even Australian if you class crocodile as a cuisine.

You grab your food-my choice being the sautéed mushrooms cooked in garlic and rosemary, topped with dukkah and Greek yoghurt-get your blanket out and head to the beach to watch the sun go down and illuminate the sky in those wonderful pinks and oranges that just make you fall in love.

Markets have that ability to bring people together whilst celebrating local foods, local vendors and street foods. It almost makes everyone equal.

Who doesn’t want to live in a world where we can come together over great food?

Please take a look at my little video!


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