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Beefy Sunday smiles…

Oh you know how it goes.

Moving house is hard and tiring and when I’m tired I can only describe myself in one word: Horrid.

Add hunger in to the equation and well, you better take cover.

So today, I had a plan.

“I’ll get up, work my way around the new oven, bake a cake and write a blog.”

What actually happened:

“Can’t work the oven. Cakes burnt. Life’s over.”

Well life was over until we took ourselves down to my Mum and Dads and sat around the table with the rest of the family, devouring a good old roast dinner.

Seven of us-you know, chatting, laughing and fighting over the bones.

Fighting over the bones?Β 


Isn’t this worth fighting over?


This is what today is all about.

I am such a huge fan of Sunday dinners because it’s part of our history, our story and when you’ve had a day like mine, all you need is some people you love, one big table and a bit of beef that will put a smile back on your face.


Mum and Dads perfect roast

They roasted this 3.7 kilo beast-fresh from the butcher at Booths-in a hot oven (220 degrees) for 20 minutes and then for another 1hr 40 minutes at 180 degrees.

They rubbed it salt, pepper and olive oil and that was it.

So simple.

So good.

Everyone’s Sunday should be like this…


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