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How to boil the perfect egg: I have cracked it!

Good morning!

There’s numerous reasons for today’s blog.

1.Eggs are unpredictable little buggers and I want to be able to boil one perfectly – there’s nothing better for breakfast right? A few seconds either way and they comepletely screw you over.

2.I really love breakfast and if it’s bad, then you’re in for a bad day…

3.It’s NYE of course. I need to fuel my body for a big day ahead AKA countless bottles of wine will be consumed this evening.

And finally…

4.This blog is all about trying to learn the basic skills. It’s about taking what my Grandmother’s and my Mother have taught me and using these skills to well, live basically, now me and Mr. GTMHTC are out in the wilderness on our own!

It occured to me the other day that I’m not sure I can make really good roast potatoes.

Or cook a chicken for Sunday lunch or yes, boil an egg.

So, 2016, I am coming for you and by the time I’m finished with you, I will know all the essetial cooking skills I need to live on my own. OK?

Happy New Year everyone!

Have a cracking time! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

Mum’s advice on how to boil an egg…


The first thing I did this morning was roll over and ring Mum.

“Good morning sweetheart!”


So after a long investigation on size, shape, what chicken it came from and if I had a good sleep, we finally came to this:

3.5 minutes is about the average once the water starts boiling, but the eggs I get are farm fresh and straight from the field: They are chunky, trust me.

In that case, 4 minutes it is.

I ran downstairs, boiled the kettle, poured the water in to a pan on a high heat and as soon as it began bubbling excitedly, I slipped two eggs in and put the timer on for 4 minutes.

Have no fear, at 3 minutes and 55 seconds, my spoon was edging its way in to the water, perfectly timed for when the clock came to 4 minutes.

I was not about to mess this up.

And there they were.


Tops off, yolks out in all their glory, running beautifully down the side of the egg cups.


New Year’s resolution number one – to become the greatest egg boiler you’ll ever meet – DONE!

Mr. GTMHTC is one lucky egg…


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