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Vote for real food in The UK Blog Awards 2016!

Yes, I’m on fire: Two posts today!

I’m afraid there’s only pictures of food in this evening’s blog, but I just wanted to give you a quick insight in to my UK Blog Awards journey.

I never really expected to be here.

I work so hard on my photographs, stories and recipes, so to have people voting for me is simply incredible.

Thank you from the bottom of my hungry heart…

I feel as though my mission is a little different.

In a world where we are constantly finding new low-fat, no sugar substitutes, I just want everybody to realise the benefit of good old fashioned food.

When you take away all these elements, you are left with the complete opposite?

It’s not real food…

I’m 5’10, a size ten and I eat three meals a day, but I make them myself from scratch.


You can have a healthy, balanced diet by yes, eating.

We have so many vibrant and delicious ingredients on offer to us that it seems a shame to not utilise them.

It’s about hearty soups, stews and occasional scones; it’s home made jams, breads and real butter; it’s home cooking, real produce and real people.


FullSizeRender (1)

I believe you can cook your way to happiness!

Sprinkled with a little old-fashioned living and it’s the perfect way to live.

I’d also just like to make my 90 year-old Grandmothers proud because if there is one thing I know about their generation, it’s that they’re made of stronger stuff.

image1 (1)

I’m always in awe of their tales.

How they used to utilise all their leftovers or every part of the animal and get a good meal is pretty economical if you think about.

To go forward I think we must take a little step back…

I hope you enjoy my blog and vote for me in the awards!

Because good food doesn’t go out of fashion…




  1. Cecilia Gardner says

    Hello, I listened to you with Graham Liver on Radio Lancashire this morning, got interested and looked up your blog, and then voted for you.
    This evening I made your sweet potato stew and loved it. yummy
    Will follow your recipes with interest.


    • Emily Llou says

      Hi Cecilia!

      You’ve absolutely made my day – what a wonderful comment!

      I’m glad you enjoyed it and it makes everything worthwhile to know that people are enjoying the blog!

      Thanks 😍


  2. Found you on a friend’s post and was intrigued! how absolutely delightful you seem and your food looks scrumptious! Good luck on your blog and have voted 🙂


    • Emily Llou says

      Oh wow thanks so much! That’s so lovely to hear 🙂 I find out if I am through on Friday so thank you for voting!


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