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A very BBC Radio kind of cheese & onion pie…


Since the UK Blog Awards buzz began, so many wonderful things have happened to me and my blog.

I’ve been in the paper:

Lancashire Telegraph (click to read!)


I’ll be in another paper next week (it’s coming, hold on…)

And this morning I have only been on the bloomin’ radio!

To listen please click here! (Fast forward to 2hours50)

BBC Radio Lancashire invited me along to have a chat about what my blog is all about and what I stand for, but I’m not joking here: I’ve never been so nervous/excited/sick/breathless/anything else that relates to shaking like leaf before.

I think because I am so passionate about My Grandma Taught Me How To Cook, now people are starting to take a look at the hard work I put in, it’s quite overwhelming.

In the best way possible of course…

After arranging a time, they asked if I could bring some food in; something that I would cook on my blog; something like cheese and onion pie…hint, hint!

But that was perfect for me.

Most of my memories are of Thursdays after school at Grandma’s house. Everyone would  meet there and fight over cheese and onion pie, each of us scraping away at the bits of cheesy pastry stuck to the sides of the dish.


It’s what home is.

Simplicity, togetherness and talking.

Last night, I roped in my Mother to help me bake two cheese pies, some lemon curd and a lemon slice in preparation for today.

After about 4.5 hours, we were done.

Mum, with icing sugar all over her face and me, with pastry stuck in every possible place you can imagine, eventually sat down, tired but proud and actually if you think about it, this whole experience has just brought me and my family even closer hasn’t it?

We’ve taken a family recipe and a family tradition, baked it together, sat down around the table last night as a unit to eat and been to the radio together this morning.

This is what I am trying to do.

This is not just a blog.

This is my life…


Grandma’s Lancashire cheese & onion pie

 For bringing people together…


10 oz plain flour

6 oz butter, cold and cubed

pinch of salt

1/2 cup of cold water


1.5lb Dewlay Tasty Lancashire cheese, grated

3 onions, roughly chopped

Black pepper

1.5 tablespoon of butter

1 beaten egg


In a large bowl, rub the flour, salt and butter together with your fingers to create a fine, crumbly texture.

Once you have something that resembles breadcrumbs, add a little water in and bring together to make a dough.

Add water as you need it.

On a floured surface, create a ball of dough and break a third off for the lid.

Roll the larger part out to fit your pie dish.

With the pastry now fitted in to your dish, leave the overhanging pastry on, cling film the other section of pastry and cool in the fridge for 20 mins. This means the pastry won’t shrink when cooking.

In a pan, lightly sweat the onions off with a good dose of pepper and the tablespoon of butter.

When flavoured, take off the heat.

When ready, take your pie base out of the fridge and layer with onions, cheese, onions, cheese and so on.

Once filled – and you want it filled – roll out your lid to fit the top.

Place on and trim the excess.

I pinched the edges together on mine.

Brush with the egg and bake for 20-25 minutes, turning halfway through.

Once cooked, shout everybody through and place at the center of the table, like a big cheesy king and just chat.


You can even talk with your mouth full if you like – we understand, the pies worth it!

Thank you for everyone’s support so far.  The journey is incredible, my friends are incredible, my family is incredible.

And that just about makes life incredible doesn’t it?


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