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A day in the life of a food blogger…

Considering all you guys ever see are the recipes and nice photographs, I thought I’d take five minutes to let you in on what my weekend consists of.

I mean, I rant on about markets and romance and how I live in the beautiful English countryside so why not show you?

For all you know I could be a foodie fraud, not practicing what I preach and eating anything but what I cook!

Yet that’s just not true.

I love my life – it’s pretty and filled with glorious people, family and ingredients!

So here we go.

Step inside to the lovely little world of My Grandma Taught Me How To Cook…

Yesterday was wonderful.

Winter properly arrived in the form of snow; it was a morning where I could see my breath as I laughed along with Mr. GTMHTC and we took a walk up to the castle which is near our little house.


Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this?


With rosy cheeks and frozen noses, we then pottered down to my favourite deli, Cheesie Tchaikovsky to acquire a block of creamy Stilton.


I said I’d make him some broccoli and Stilton soup you see, as I’m away with work this week.

I know, I know…I’m too nice aha!

After I dragged myself away from Cheesies before spending my entire  wage, it was off to the market to get some soup supplies and whatever else Mr. GTMHTC decided to slide in to my basket without me knowing.

 Now I love the market.

People are there for the same thing: To get some good food.

Theres no better feeling than walking away with fresh produce and with the possibility of endless dishes at your fingertips.

And all this for £4! Who wouldn’t be excited?!


Then it was out for lunch with the one and only:



She will probably kill me for putting that photo up but let’s face it, she doesn’t know how to use a computer so what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her…

And then it was home to cook up some delicious soup.


Now isn’t that just a recipe for a perfect day?

Time is one thing that everyone seems to have less of these days.

Once in a while just take his hand, go for a stroll and take in the world.

There really isn’t anything better…

This week: My broccoli and Stilton soup recipe!


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