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A food blogger at the farm shop…

Weekends in my house are made for pottering around endless stalls of fruit and fresh veg; for pondering over the butchers counter and taking in the scent of freshly baked bread.

The next part of the weekend should be spent in the kitchen, lovingly creating something delicious for those you love from all those wonderful ingredients you’ve just collected.

As Saturday approached, I became excited.

The plan was to pop off to Keelham farm shop, eat breakfast – lazily and relaxed – and do our weekly shop from a place where the words:

“Food Tastes Better From The Farm”

…are plastered right across the outside of the building (you know, in case you forget!)



Porridge with banana and local honey

For me, this is the perfect day.

Where the brightly coloured produce creates a patchwork quilt of intriguing ingredients before your eyes and you know that whatever you pick up is local or from the farm itself.



It’s a generational business inspired by their Father and Grandfather: Quite fitting for me really eh!


This was placed in front of the tractor itself! Just lovely!

Take a little time to think about our glorious, beautiful produce and where it comes from: It takes a lot of farmers a lot of hard work and energy to put food on our plates.

We must begin to revel in the wonder that is British food.

We must remember that real food comes from real people.

We must remember, as Grandma says, real food comes from farms, not factories!

Why not pop along to Keelham farm shop in Skipton where you may well bump in to me, squealing with happiness over oh, I don’t know, a really beautiful broccoli?!?!? Or crying with satisfaction about how wonderful it is that someone had the idea to make up these really helpful soup bags…

£1.50? Who said money can’t buy you happiness!



Today is the last chance to vote for my blog in the UK Blog Awards.

I want to be able to inspire people to eat well and to live well by taking a little step back and relishing in our traditions, our produce and our ways of life.

We have a wonderful history.

We used to take pride in good, home cooked food where as now there seems to be too much focus on what you can substitute your food for – especially young people my age.

We need to be healthy, we need to be sensible and we also need to listen to Keelham Farm Shop when they tell you…!!!???



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