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I am a UK Blog Awards finalist!




What a whirlwind month January has been: I’ve been in the papers and on the radio and am now officially a UK Blog Awards finalist! (Click here for the Lancashire Telegraph article, here for the Clitheroe Advertiser and here to listen to me on BBC radio Lancs!)

My blog is my life.

It’s not just a hobby – it’s this thing which encompasses everything I love and I want everyone to be able to find a little happiness from what I do.

I just want to say that thank you isn’t enough. Without the votes from everybody, I wouldn’t be a finalist and a little part of my dream wouldn’t have come true – which is amazing to say that all you guys played a part in this bit of my life!

It’s about time British produce got the wonderful recognition it deserves and if I can make one person my age just start to eat properly and look at food in a healthy, happy and most of all a sensible way, I will be happy.

Thanks again and let’s continue this fabulous feast of a journey!



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