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A bowl of love & leftovers!

So much to do and so little time!

Oh how these past few weeks have been wonderful but utterly exhausting.

I mean I’ve been too busy celebrating becoming a UK Blog Awards finalist to even, dare I say it, do the weekly shop.

Oh the shame!

I’m a food blogger who’s foodless and that is obviously not going to get me anywhere.

Or feed anyone…

That is unless we all use our noggins and take a closer look.

So, being the dramatic damsel that I am, when I say “foodless”, that’s not the case entirely.

No, I looked in the fridge and the cupboards and found these:


“Well that’s nothing but compost in the making!” I hear you say.

One woman’s compost is another woman’s feast you know…

There’s nothing more traditional than using up all your ingredients – as I’m sure your Grandma will also say, “Waste not want not”.

We throw away too much these days and what we should really do is use our fabulous imaginations to concoct something absolutely delicious right?

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

It doesn’t have to be all pretty and perfect.

It just needs to be bloomin’ tasty!

I had:

About 9 celery sticks

10 small carrots

1 baking potato

2 onions

And the special ingredient?

Remembering that a little can go a long, long way…


Tablespoon of tomato paste

1 litre of chicken stock

1 garlic clove

1 bay leaf

A sprinkle of pepper

Teaspoon of butter

For a bowl of leftover love:


Chop the celery, onions and carrots roughly in to inch chunks and fry lightly in a heaped teaspoon of butter.

 Chop the potato in to small cubes, add in with the pepper and the garlic clove crushed.

Once softened, mix in the tomato paste and pour in the stock, add in the bay leaf and simply let cook on a medium-low heat for an hour and half.

 Then trust me, you will stop whatever you’re doing as the smell of something completely irresistible makes its way through your home and as you look at those once lifeless leftovers in your pan, you’ll wonder why you never gave them the credit they deserve before…


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