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Pretty in pink rhubarb mornings…

I’m a firm believer in starting as you mean to go on and I think you can take that sentiment and apply it to many aspects of your life.

I mean, I’m always going to apply it to my breakfast because I’m completely obsessed with my morning meal, but more about that in a minute…

Right now is an exciting time because you start to see rhubarb popping up everywhere. It’s beginning to rear it’s perky pink head in order to add a little colour to your February days.

It’s around now when you’ll find me gasping in the fruit and veg aisle over the sight of it.

“OH isn’t it pretty!?” I’ll coo to Mr. GTMHTC.

“Um, well, yes, yes it’s…gorgeous”, he’ll say.

Oh he tries.

But good old rhubarb is so versatile and utterly chameleon-like that you can practically cook, roast, poach, fry, stew or heck, even BBQ it anyway you bloomin’ please, and you should never just leave it sat there when you come across it.

Buy it, experiment a little and who knows, maybe your day will be a little rosier with some rhubarb in tow?

Honey and orange roasted rhubarb


2 stalks of rhubarb

Juice of half an orange

Tablespoon of honey

Pre-heat the oven to about 150 degrees.

Wash the rhubarb and chop in to chunky 2 inch pieces.

Place in a baking tray and make sure they are not on top of each other – they need space like we all do sometimes!

Cover with the juice and honey and mix so all the rhubarb is covered and make sure they are again, not overlapping.

Roast for about 40 mins.

I had a spoonful on my morning yoghurt and it was the prettiest, lovliest sight that I’ve ever cast my eyes on, especially as it’s raining and grey as usual up here in the North!

Perk up your day this beautiful, simple dish – it will put a smile on your face and THAT is what cooking is all about…

Try it…

Put this lovely roasted delight on:

Eggy bread


Porridge – and add in a little vanilla

With museli

On/in a crumble


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