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Viennese ‘not so’ whirls…

The days may be getting lighter for longer but I tell you, up here in the North it’s bloomin’ freezing!

When it’s so cold – I’m talking minus temperatures here – your body (mind) just instantly demands you to bypass all salad/anything that doesn’t resemble winter stodge and pushes you towards all things comforting…

Basically, I’ve been eating more cake than usual OK?

I’m not the type of person who snacks on biscuits and sweet things but this week, nothing can accompany my endless cups of tea better.

I blame it on my English blood: Tea and biscuits, it’s one of life’s necessities unfortunately.

Last night our friend came around to our house for dinner and I wanted a little after-treat, but nothing to overwhelming – it was only Thursday after all.

So, off I went to flick through Grandma’s cookbook and as usual, you can always trust Grandma to present you with a tasty answer.

This time, inspiration came in the form of Viennese Whirls. Our friend loves a good cuppa and a chat made all the better by a biscuit and what made the whole situation even more delicious/naughty was the fact that these little buttery wonders are meant to be filled with cream and jam.

And if we’re being honest, is there anything as comforting as a mouthful of cream and jam?

Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and give in to what your body wants a bit of.

And if the flow is a sea of biscuits then so be it!


Viennese Whirls with cream and jam

Confession time. My piping bag was nowhere to found so I’m afraid these are a little more rustic looking but delightful none-the-less.

And anyway, never judge a Viennesse Whirl by it’s swirliness…

8oz melted butter
2oz sieved icing sugar
Use half a vanilla pod essence
1oz cornflour
7oz Plain flour

Combine all the ingredients and mix until you have formed a dough – it will be quite runny.

Place in a piping bag and on a lined baking tray, pipe on individual biscuits about 2cm in circumference. If you are, alas, like me and bag-less, use a teaspoon to place rounds on the tray.

Bake for 15 mins (or until turning golden brown) at 190 degrees.

Once cooled, fill with fresh whipped cream and strawberry jam and feel the delight in each pretty little over-filled bite!

Remember, a little bit of what you fancy does you good.

I’ll balance it out next week by perhaps letting all things baked take a back seat.

That’s just life…




  1. I’m not really one for biscuits or much sweet stuff either but now and again this kind of stuff really takes my fancy and these look so good! I may have to give these a go, I must admit, they would go great with a cup of tea!



    • Emily Llou says

      When the need presents itself ha! They were really delicious – really rich but lovely 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting! Let me know if you do try them! Emily x


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