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I’m on the Great British Food website!

We all have dreams.

We all have passions and places we want to go in life and when certain events take place, events that you just can’t believe are happening, it makes you appreciate the tears, tantrums and tough times doesn’t it?

I’ve always wanted to write, but finding my love for food and cooking along the way turned out to be my calling.

It’s not a hobby.

It’s not just something I ‘like’ doing.

Food is my life: It’s my thing and I never want to stop doing it.

So, after I found myself in the UK Blog Awards final this year (the ceremony is nearing – April 29th!), the past couple of years where Mr. GTMHTC may have found me crying in the kitchen corner with raw cake mix strewn dramatically all around my whimpering self, all seem worth it.

People are hopefully beginning to see what I’m trying to do: Bring back a love for good, British produce, for our wonderful traditions that have somehow got lost along the way and to ignite my generation’s interest for eating well.

And now for my proudest moment:

I have an article on the Great British Food magazine website!

It’s literally a dream come true and it gets dreamier because, wait for it… I got to write about one of my favourite things:


Yes, who can think of a better task in life than to write down my feelings on butter and for the whole world to see them?!


This post is to say thanks to everyone so far who has supported my journey and to let you know, sometimes I’ve felt like giving up but you mustn’t.

It’s like my Julia says:

julia child

Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.

So here’s to my first ever real foodie article, to my friends and family and to…butter!

Read my article, “Why we should all eat more butter”, here

Read other articles written about me and listen to my BBC Radio Lancs appearance here


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