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Join me on life’s beautiful journey!

Hello everyone!

I hope your Saturday has been wonderful so far and not grey and completely “un-Spring like” as it is here in the North…

Anyway, with so much going on I thought it was time to start my Facebook page up again.

I’m living in a dream at the moment, writing and cooking, plus the UK Blog Awards are this month and I just cannot wait!

Who knows who’ll I’ll meet? Who knows what friends I may come away with and who knows what the rest of 2016 will bring me and Mr. GTMHTC?

So this Facebook page is for more insight in to my beautiful journey.

It’s for inside snippets and extra’s that I may not post on here because sometimes, I just love to take photo’s of the wondrous countryside that I live in, or of my day helping Mum plant her radishes in her new veg garden. FB is the perfect place to document that part of my life on.

Anyway I won’t keep you – Mr. GTMHTC should be here any moment with his hands full of food!

And if he’s not…well he wouldn’t dare!

So, keep eating well, being happy and loving life.

Here is the link and if you want to escape for a moment, join me…

Have a very merry weekend! xxxxxx


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