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My very British spring Sunday burgers…

When me and Mr. GTMHTC went to live in Australia for a year, it was a time frame that really cemented who we were as a couple, as individual people and as a food loving duo willing to put anything in our mouths. (What?)

We have some wonderful memories.

They are memories that shape how we live right now for example, my adoration bordering on obsession for market produce was ignited over there. They had such an abundance of organic food and fresh ingredients that it was hard not to change one’s eating and cooking pattern.

I made it my mission when I returned home to ignite my little town’s passion for this way of shopping.

We also used to eat out.

A lot. 

One of our favourite’s was Missy Moo’s in Fremantle,  an organic burger bar right next to the beach.

They served up burgers under the title of nursery rhymes – totally me right? – with the choice of either organic beef or chicken and there was the choice of avocado, spinach, the most delicious caramelised onions or mature cheddar cheese.

Now, we often hark back to Missy Moo’s at least, oh I don’t know, once a day?

They were so utterly delicious and made with such amazingly sourced ingredients that we can’t really ever forget them.

Alas, there is nowhere around here like that, but that got me thinking – don’t panic, it’s a really good thought!

I’m a British food blogger.

We have some of the best quality beef on our doorstep, so I’m pretty damn sure I could give Missy Moo’s an English run for their money?

Inspired by what’s in season right now, the burger of choice is:

British beef burger with grilled spring onions, Lancashire cheese, grilled British streaky bacon topped off with fresh spring watercress.

Yes, I think it’s about we started to make our own British burger memories…


Makes 4-5 burgers:

450g British minced beef steak

Half a red onion, chopped quite finely

1 teaspoon sea salt

1 teaspoon of black pepper

1 medium free-range egg

4 large English basil leaves chopped

1 chopped garlic clove

I used a little breadcrumb – very thinly slice the end of an un-cut loaf and grate



Place all these ingredients in a bowl and mix with an electric food processor until smooth.

The mix – depending on how big you want your burgers – will split in to 4 large burgers, or 5 smaller ones.

I roll the meat in to a ball first and then pat down on a plate in to a burger shape.


Cooking and extra’s:

Heat a tablespoon of oil in a frying pan on a medium temperature or if it’s sunny where you are, feel free to BBQ!

Brush each side of the burgers with a little English mustard.

Cook the burgers for about 20 minutes all together, turning to brown each side.



A spring onion for each burger

A slice of streaky, un-smoked English bacon for each burger

A slice of Lancashire cheese for each burger

A tray of fresh watercress

A slice of tomato for each

Whilst the burgers are cooking, slice the spring onions vertically and then just in half once.

Cook on a dry griddle pan until slightly charred.

Then grill your bacon until crisp.

Don’t forget about the burgers whilst preparing your toppings.

Once your burgers are done, top with cheese and grill until melted.

Finally, finish with the bacon, a slice of tomato, the spring onions and then a good sprinkling of watercress.

Eat with or without a bread bun, but either way, enjoy.

Enjoy the memories and the taste of good times but more so, enjoy the great British ingredients that have gone in to what you’re eating because sometimes, happiness is closer to home than you think…



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