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Hot cross bread & butter pud cups, with apricot jam…

I’m pretty disappointed because over Easter, the amount of hot cross buns I consumed came to a carbohydrate inducing coma total of…one.

It’s now over a week since said bank holiday and I felt like I was slipping in to some sort of withdrawal phase, rocking in a corner and dribbling over the taste of hot, buttery cinnamon.

I told you I was disappointed.

The sight of unused hot crossed delights in my cupboard was sending me over the edge.

I hate wasting delicious food (or any food for that matter) so I became inspired.

Seen as I was off to Mum and Dads for tea last night, and conveniently for Dad, one of his favourite pudding’s is bread and butter…it just had to be.

I love taking classic dishes and putting a little pretty spin on them.

That’s what it’s all about: Taking what you like and making it even more interesting. Using your resources and making the best out of an almost stale (bun) situation.

It’s about not wasting one single crumb of an opportunity that could bring total happiness…


Hot cross bun bread and butter pud cups

I had three buns left.

2 eggs

half a pint of full-fat milk

1 teaspoon of sugar

Butter for the buns

Apricot jam

Now I’m not saying by rescuing three hot cross buns I’ll change the world, but there was a time when we weren’t such a “throw away” culture.

Things can be reinvented.

The next time you’re about to chuck it in the bin – unless it’s been ravaged with mould and is practically crawling its own way to the garbage – take a second to think what you could really do with it…


Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees.

I sliced each bun horizontally in to 3 and then each of those slices in to 4.

This meant I had 4 quarters to place in each muffin tin to make a “cup”.

Total: 8 bread and butter cups!


Pour the mix in to each individual cup, filling right to the top

Very lightly grease your muffin tin before hand to prevent sticking.

Butter both sides of all the bread and spread a little apricot jam on one of the sides.

Place the buttered sides to the outside of the tray and the jam sides inwards.

Beat the eggs with milk and sugar.

Pour the mix over each section and bake for 25-30 mins, or until golden brown.

And the proof that leftover’s can be tasty?

Well, it really was in the pudding as Dad said, “Now that’s good that…”

Trust me, those words are valuable….


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