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Cauliflower cheese soup


So I believe all good cooks always do one thing that not everybody agrees with and the one culinary process that Grandma used to carry out with pleasure (hers not mine) unfortunately used to involve cauliflower.

She’d cook it…and then freeze it.

But that’s not the worst of it.

No, it wasn’t enough to steam, steam, steam it and THEN prolong it’s slow death by not even eating the dam thing, but to let that smell linger for hours on end was the crunch that broke the biscuit.

It stunk.

It was like someone was spraying the stench of cold cauli through her air vents, sticking to everything and everyone it found.

Now, as soon as I see a cauliflower that smell hits me.

I run and cower in the supermarket by the fresh flower section, coughing and spluttering trying to rid that over boiled whiff from my senses.

Grandma, you were fabulous at most things in the kitchen but this is one of those “we’ll look back and laugh” moments!

Cauliflower cheese soup


Mr. GTMHTC’s Mum left me a lovely looking cauliflower in my fridge over the weekend and I saw it as an opportunity to…make peace.

I do eat the stuff. I just normally cover it in something – cheese, bacon, cheese.

In a soup though, cauli takes on a whole new meaning becoming somehow creamier and can take on a lot of other flavours beautifully.

It’s still in season and it’s been typical April weather here (sun, hail, snow, sun, thunder) so soup seemed like a wonderful opportunity to forgive and forget and make something delicious out of a smelly situation!

This is also a chance to take a very Sunday style traditional dish and make it a little more interesting and up to date.


You need:

1 cauliflower – take off the leaves and cut up the florets

1 white onion chopped

1 medium sized potato cut in to cubes

2 celery sticks chopped and washed

1 small clove of crushed garlic

2 pints of good chicken stock

salt and pepper

1 teaspoon of chopped fresh rosemary

250g crumbly Lancashire cheese – my favourites are Dewlay cheese or the one I used for this recipe was from Booths. Delicious!


On a medium heat, gently cook off the onions and celery in a little olive oil.

Season with a good amount of salt and pepper adding in the rosemary and garlic.

Cook gently for a couple of minutes, stirring as you go and add in the potato.

Mix and pour in the stock.

Boil for about 5 minutes first to let the potato soften. Add in the cauliflower florets and simmer for a further 20-25 minutes.

Your potato cubes should be soft.

I use an electric hand blender to combine the soup. Once a smoother consistency, begin to crumble in the cheese and continue to blend until all ingredients have come together in a lovely soup-like manner. If it is too thick for you, add in some more boiled water.

Taste and season as you wish.

Serve with with grilled bacon toasties because somethings, like I’ve obviously proved tonight (cauliflower-gate) you can get over, but cauli-cheese without bacon? Not the life for me!


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