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I’ve got a bun in the oven!

Hello everybody!

Well, what a bank holiday right?

The UK Blog Awards have come and gone and I was also a bridesmaid at weekend. Hectic!

I didn’t win at the awards but I’ll always be a finalist and that’s something I have to thank you guys for.

It isn’t something I get to attend everyday so it was a wonderful experience.

And on to some more not just good news, but fabulous news.

I’m having a baby!

Today was my twenty week scan and as we now know everything is OK, I just couldn’t wait to tell you all.

Finding out that there will soon be a baby in our lives has changed my whole perspective.

Food and good living feels more important to me now than it ever has, which is a feeling I didn’t think could get any stronger.

I have my on little family developing.

I will get to teach my little one about the values of food, the goodness and wholesome benefits of eating well and what I’m most looking forward to is sitting around the table with Mr. GTMHTC and whoever it is growing inside my belly.

Yes, that’s right.

We’ve gone for the old-fashioned surprise! Boy or girl, who knows?!

One thing is for sure though: They have a good wriggle whenever I eat so they are definitely already a foodie!

I really hope you continue to enjoy my stories and recipes, but what I really want is for people to be inspired by the way we live and look at life.

I want our future mini GTMHTC to grow up like I did: Eating breakfast around the table and giving every kind of food a go.

So, again, here’s to 2016, to family, to food and to life!

πŸ™‚ x




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