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Better late than never rack of lamb…

The plan was to make a beautiful Sunday dinner for me and Mr. GTMHTC, a feast consisting of an oven roasted rack of lamb.

I’m a good girlfriend, I know.

But then something called sunshine decided to rear it’s glorious head – which trust me is a novelty here up North – and we popped off to our wonderful friends for an afternoon of basking, burgers and BBQ’s.

The first BBQ of the year. It was so exciting!

I love Sunday’s that are spent in this way.

They should be relaxed and flooded in laughter; they demand a gathering and although it wasn’t a traditional roast, it was a couple of hours where great food was at the centre of a table shared by people we love.

I always feel better after days like these.

It did however leave me with a very forlorn rack of lamb in the fridge.

The thing with beautiful produce though is that it will never be something you don’t fancy.

There, in my home, were two succulent pieces of lamb, bought from the butchers and ready to go.

Food is at it’s best and most delicious when it’s fresh, in season and looked at with a bit of love.

Beautiful produce means beautiful food and equates to beautiful living.

Fill yourself up with the good stuff.

For a Monday, we had one happy household!

Rack of lamb with grilled radishes and Lancashire grown vine tomatoes

image1 (4)

For two people:

2 racks of lamb (so ours had four chops to each)

4 radishes, sliced thinly, plus one for extra garnish

6 tomatoes still attached to the vine – I chose ones that were grown locally and they were delicious!

2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 tablespoon of butter

4 sticks of fresh rosemary

1 clove of garlic – you can leave the skin on

2 handfuls of rocket

salt and pepper


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees/gas mark 7 in my house

Melt the butter and brush the lamb with it using a sprig of rosemary, covering every part.

Heat a frying pan on a moderate heat.

Pour in the left over butter, throw in all the rosemary sprigs along with the garlic, season well and brown the lamb on all sides until sealed. They only need a couple of minutes on either side.

image3 (1)

Once done, place them in a roasting tin and pour the juices, garlic and sprigs over.

Cook for 20 minutes if you don’t like them pink.

Otherwise, ten minutes should do.

Whilst the meat is cooking, heat a griddle pan.

Mix the four sliced radishes with the balsamic and oil and place on the griddle along with the tomatoes. I cut the vine so I had two vines with three tomatoes on each. Grill until nicely charred, turning occasionally.

Place a handful of rocket on each plate and scatter with the grilled radishes when done.

Check your lamb and once your happy with how it’s cooked, plate up and finish with the tomatoes.

Slice the extra radish and sprinkle on.

We served with roasted sweet potato cubes, but this is optional.

Boiled new potatoes with a little mint and olive oil or butter would be delicious too.

People used to construct their meals with just meat and good veg. There was nothing fancy or complicated, just produce from the butcher and from the market. You cannot go wrong with this type of cooking. Source wonderful ingredients and reap the benefits of simple beautiful food. This is meat from the butcher cooked in butter and rosemary, finished with a fresh, seasonal salad with locally grown goodies. So, so easy. It just tastes like spring…

image2 (2)


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