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The French wannabe: 10 days in France

Anyone who knows me will tell you that 1) I’m definitely a France obsessed freak and 2) I’m a France obsessed freak.

Did I mention I really love France?

I think it’s because growing up, my Mother was a French teacher who would suddenly end her sentence in French or even better, yell at me in a language that can never sound anything other than dreamy – meaning you were never really mad at me were you mum?!

I’ve read every book and tale about expats, lovers and wanderers who have escaped to seek solace in French food and culture.

My bookshelf is lined with French cookbooks, my house filled with Parisian style pictures and ornaments.

So do you get it?

I’m French.

I’m sure of it.

They have this magnetic pull and I think it’s because they, as people and as a culture, have never compromised who they are.

The way the French eat and cook fascinates me because it’s still so steeped in tradition and the one thing I cannot wait for is to take the future baby Grandma Taught Me How To Cook to one of my favourite places in the world, to learn about food, how to appreciate it and how to approach it.

So me and the whole family are off to Northern France.

Me and Mum are on a bit of a nostalgic journey, re-visiting all the places we used to go to when she ran the yearly school trips to France – Le Touqet and the walled city of Boulogne.

I feel like this trip is extra special this time.

At six months pregnant, it’s almost as though this is ‘bumps’ first outing and will get a taste of La belle France before he/she are even born.

And that is a wonderful feeling!

So, I hope you’ll join me on my holiday for the next ten days because I’m sure it’s going to be tasty!

Au revoir for now! X


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