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How breakfast has turned me in to my Mum…

They say you eventually turn in to your Mother; that there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it and it’s an almost gradual progression where all of a sudden, you’re trying to create perfect pleats in your living room curtains before realising and swiftly put a stop to it.

I am, I admit, already there.

At 25 I’ve already found myself meandering around my house in  a very Sandra-like manner – you know, picking up bits of invisible fluff off the carpet and what not.

Yes, the time has come!

The one thing that I do and my Grandmother does it as well, is sit at the table every single morning, no matter what time, to drink my coffee and eat something.

If you’re a follower of this blog then you’ll know how I feel about breakfast: It’s the be all and end all quite frankly.

But I’m pretty sure I do it because I always have. I’ve always either sat down next to her, my Mum, or watched her prepare her cup and saucer on the kitchen top the night before, in complete preparation.

Why? I hear all your breakfast skippers say.

Well, for one, I just think it’s beneficial to your mood and body, even it’s just a banana and two, it means I can just sit for 15 minutes, wake-up and literally smell the coffee beans whilst taking a moment to gather my thoughts, assess how I feel about the day and have a tiny bit of me time, reading or whatever before the rest of the work day demands me.

It needn’t be fancy or complicated. Just a little of what you like.

I think that sounds like a perfect way to start the day doesn’t it?  



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