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For the love of good lamb…

The thing that I gather from most people my age (I’m 25 if you didn’t know and yes, I realise I sometimes come across about 75 with my talk of tea and naps) is that time is short.

You work, you come home, you go the gym – well, not me specifically/definitely not me – and then, of course, finding the time to rustle up good food is non-existent.

But there is something beautiful we’re all missing here.

Good food is not complicated.

Wholesome food doesn’t mean low-fat or carb free.

We need to embrace every aspect of real food and appreciate the benefits of what good living and sourcing can do for us.


Picture: Look at how fresh and wonderful those lamb steaks are. When you source good ingredients, the taste is already there…

I work. I have an hours journey everyday. I sometimes go frizzy just thinking about how I’m going to juggle the time I have when I get home with shaving my legs, doing the washing and feeding Mr. GTMHTC. Plus, how will I do this with a baby in three months time?

The thing is, you can take four simple, fresh ingredients and make yourself and your body very happy.

Forget about time because when it comes to food, the produce will speak for itself.

Below is farm fresh lamb steaks, asparagus, tender stem broccoli and sweet potato mash.

The sweet potato was boiled and mashed with pepper and natural yoghurt.

The lamb and veg were all seasoned with a really good dose of salt and pepper and put on a griddle pan with a little butter.

And then…well, then nothing.

I sat down, I ate and I felt absolutely wonderful!


This is something you could most evenings, just swapping the meat for fish and different vegetables.

Go on. Live simply, live well!

You deserve it…


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