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Raspberry coconut tart for a woman I heart…

I know it’s a feeling that resonates with most, but so many of my childhood memories are overflowing with the image of my Grandma, Margaret.

She picked me up from school, she let me take over her house most weekends, she chauffeured me to and from ballet with my beloved Grandad god rest his soul.

I love her.

So, so much.

This week she will celebrate her 90th and of course, she’s doing it her way: With a party and a “disco-tech” as she called it.


I mean, you hear of it all the time, people tuning incredible ages, but I look at her and I think, blooming heck Meg, you’ve been here, on this Earth for ninety whole years and when I phoned you the other night, you’d found a new lease of life from somewhere and were making lemon curd.

Good on you girl!

I started this blog – albeit there has been some ups, downs, rounds and what the hells? – to write about her recipes, my fondness of food and baking that undeniably started with her and about the traditions that I hold dear.

Your inspiration took me to the UK Blog Awards.

The way you used to make me feel is a warmth that I can never forget and I can’t wait for my little bump to meet you.

So, as I’m going to see Margaret tonight for a little something to eat I thought, “I’ve got to whip something up from the book.”

The point is, food makes you feel.

For me, it’s all about that sense of togetherness.

Whether it’s a cheese toastie or a dozen double chocolate muffins, there are some recipes that will always take me straight back to Grandma’s kitchen, back to a time in my short twenty-five years that has a rosy haze glazed over the top of it and back to a place that has a reserved sign on it in my heart for Grandma…


Raspberry jam and coconut heart tart

Gas mark 6/Electric fan 180.


4oz salted cold cubed butter

6oz plain flour

Pinch of salt

Half a cup of room temp water


Raspberry jam – or whatever your preference is!

3 teaspoons of desiccated coconut

You will need an 8inch all round tin

1 egg whisked

In a bowl, rub the flour, salt and butter together until in a breadcrumb consistency.

Add in a little water and start to bring together in to  a dough.

Add as much water as you need and don’t worry if it’s a little sticky.

Turn out on to a floured surface and bring together until you have smooth ball of pastry.

Cling film and leave in the fridge for 20 minutes.

After this, roll out in to a large circle on a lightly floured top, so that when you place over your tin, you have some pastry overlapping the side.

Cut the excess off and save.

Fill the base with jam – I like a lot of jam but you can spread it as thin or as thick as you like.


Sprinkle the coconut on top.

Roll out the excess pastry and cut your heart shapes out and place on top of the tart.

Brush the hearts and edges of the tart with the egg and bake for 20 minutes.

Then, give it to that one person who fluffs up your heart and has made your life a little sweeter for being in it.

Here you go Grandma… xxx



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