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The art of being 90 and naughty…

Imagine being 90.

I think about my life at 25 years-old sometimes and think, “wow, I’ve done loads so far”.

But then I think about my Meg (Grandma!) who turned 90 last week, proclaimed she’d like a “disco-tech” (so retro right?) to celebrate and spent the day drinking bailey’s.

I mean doesn’t that sentence just scream, “I’m alive and I’m here to stay!”


In many cultures the Grandmother is the be all and end all. They demand such respect and that is why I love this picture. There she is, at the head of the table, where she belongs…

We all think about the ageing process way too much in my opinion yet I am however part of that culture – I don’t slap tons of anti-wrinkle shmush on my face or anything because like I said, I’m 25 for heavens sake, but it’s on my mind.

Sometimes I sweat frantically thinking about the dreaded “where do I want to be in five years time?!?!??!?!?!” question that seems to hang over my generations head like a heavy night on the vino.

Who says however that we have to be anywhere?

And why do we have to define ourselves through one thing?

I feel as though my Grandmother, along with the rest of her generation, went through life just being happy with what they had, seeing their children grow up and enjoying things like holidays, family and good food of course.

She still goes on her days out and last week I walked in on her cooking up a one woman feast: Steak pudding and peas.

If there is one thing that I learn continually from people her age and people who came from a time where you were lucky to have what you did, it’s that you’ve just gotta get on.

If someone offers you a piece of cake, bloomin’ well eat it.

Want to go on your jollies? Off you pop.

Love someone? Tell them.

It all seems so simple when you write it like that but they are simplicities we don’t embrace as a whole anymore.

With a bit of luck, life will go your way but other than that, what else can you do?

You have your family, your friends, a roof over your head and a really good chance of making yourself happy.

So do as Meg does.

Drink the bailey’s, crack the music up and when a rainy day comes along, make yourself a steak pudding!


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