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An afternoon at Northcote Manor…

You don’t celebrate your 90th everyday do you?

I’ve done quite a few posts on old Meg’s birthday now but this one really takes the biscuit – or as you’ll find out below, afternoon tea.

The question on everyone’s mind was, what do you get a woman who has everything?

To which I responded, some quality time together…

And with that in mind, I booked us in to the fanciest place I could think of because in all honesty, when you’ve been through all Margaret’s experienced but you’ve never been taken to a Michelin star restaurant, it’s definitely about time isn’t it?

Now I normally blog about quirky little bakeries or backstreet cafes; those hidden gems that are out of sight but absolutely fabulous foodie finds.

Yesterday however I took it up a notch when we sat ourselves at the table set perfectly for two at Northcote Manor. Yep. Nigel Howarth’s Northern diamond.

Did I mention the Michelin Star part?

Anyway, at £25 per person for Afternoon Tea I know it sounds a little extravagant, but trust me, the smile on Grandma’s face and the repetition of “oh this really is just wonderful” made it all worth it.


Along with the mountain of cakes of course.

And they weren’t just cakes, oh no.



I was faced with these rows of daintily placed choux pastries crammed with the silkiest custard and tart raspberries; miniature carrot cakes spiced so delicately that it kind of blew my mind and how one can make ham sandwiches taste so damn good I’ll never know.

But that’s the point.

Each and every person we encountered made us feel like royalty and more so, made my Grandma feel like the luckiest woman in the world. The food was so fresh, full of substance and taste and presented with obvious pride – even if it was just a finger sandwich – that you start to think you can’t put a price on this sort of thing.

And like Margaret said when we stepped back outside in to the heat of the English sun, “Well, thank you Emily. That really was an experience…”


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