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Six things I eat everyday…

Sooooo, if you haven’t figured it out, I’m an eater.

I’m not a “lets skip breakfast today” kinda gal because quite frankly, I’d stab someone.

Violence and hunger go hand-in-hand in my household and although I’m conscious of what I put in to my body, I’m not somebody who avoids bread and all things that begin with “c” and end in “arbs”.

Food is there to be….eaten.

Fill yourself up on the good stuff and feel exactly that: Good.

Someone noticed the other day that I sometimes have two breakfasts – one at home and one at work (what?)

The point is, it’s not how much you eat, it’s what. I get up early so have a slice of toast and then when I get to work two hours later, have my porridge or cereal.

I don’t want people to miss out on the tasty bits of life. I want you to embrace eating, celebrate food and rejoice in how it can make you feel!

Here are six things that I eat and drink almost everyday.

I suggest them for a sincere case of happiness and health!

Yoghurt – My favourite yoghurt is by Lancashire Dairy Farm. It is completely natural with no added ANYTHING and is so creamy it actually makes me smile manically. Plus, I can have it for breakfast, with lunch or even as a dessert. Just delicious! I believe that good yoghurt is also a great way to support your body, aiding digestion and it also fills you right up.

An orange/fresh orange juice – Vitamin C. And they are sweet so they take away those cravings! I notice a difference in my skin when I eat more oranges.

Apples – An apple a day keeps the doctor away. OK?

Eggs – Hearty, versatile and totally healthy. I try and source the best I can because you really can tell the difference. The eggs from my butcher are my absolute fave!

Water – Skin. Hair. Digestion. Tiredness. Need more reasons?

Lemon and ginger tea – My other Grandma got me in to the habit of lemon in boiled water and the benefits of it. For as long as I can remember, the whole universe has commented on her silky smooth skin that never seems to spit out a wrinkle, so I figured I’d take her advice and swig some of the lemony stuff.

Lemon and ginger tea is both wonderfully fabulous for your digestion and for your immune system so for me, it’s a must. It’s also used in other ancient cultures as part of a healing process so I guess there must something in it right?

So, eat more of the fresh stuff, the fruity stuff and the local stuff and feel…well, fresher and fruitier about life!


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