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Sunday Lamb Sandwich: Made with mint yoghurt & love…

I can hear you all now:

A sandwich…with yoghurt?!

But it’s all going to be OK because once you taste this sarnie of all sarnie’s, you’ll be eating your words along with possibly another lamb baguette.

There is also something special about this week as it’s Love Lamb Week.

Now farming is in my blood, and I am utterly all over championing our wonderful British produce along with trying to connect people to their food once again.

It’s amazing how many people really don’t have a clue – not just about the whole process of farm to plate, but about the lives of the people behind the produce.

Farmers are passionate about what they do and without them, where would we be?


AKA, a situation Mr. GTMHTC tries to steer me from at all possible cost in an attempt to elongate his life.

I know I’m a little old-fashioned in the way I think/cook/live/dress like a Granny, but the whole point of it is that I truly believe it’s beneficial to me.

Don’t skimp on the good stuff, produced by people who love what they do and want you to love it too.

And as they say, all you need is love right?

Oh, and lamb!

Go on, get your chops around this…(pun intended!)

Lamb baguettes with mint sauce yoghurt and red onion garnish


Not a traditional Sunday roast I know, but the sun is out here in Lancashire (complete rarity) and I thought I’d jazz up our usual gravy filled Sunday afternoons with something a little more summery while I can.

It’s light and fresh, just like the weather and it’s such a simple recipe meaning your whole day isn’t spent basting, boiling and bending down to get the ultimate amount of trays in to the oven – which is good for me seen as a) I’m totally pregnant – like, can’t see my toes preggers – and b) my oven can fit the maximum of oh, let’s say, TWO roasting tins in at once.

We did our shopping at Keelham Farm Shop, Skipton yesterday, where the meat is just wonderful and the core values are centered on local produce and of course, farming.


For two people you need: 


300g diced lamb

1 tablespoon of butter

Half a tablespoon of rosemary, chopped finely

2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt

2 – 3 teaspoons of mint sauce

1 teaspoon of fresh coriander, chopped finely – plus extra leaves for garnishing

Half a small/medium red onion, diced really finely in to cubes to garnish

Half a small/medium red onion, sliced

2 fresh sandwich baguettes

Salt and pepper


Mix the butter with the rosemary and heat on a low to medium heat in a frying pan with the sliced onion.

Season the lamb well – this is important because you can really taste the difference – and add to the pan.

Turn the heat up to medium and cook until browned, stirring occasionally.

Mix the yoghurt, mint sauce and coriander in a bowl until thoroughly combined and season with pepper. Add the mint sauce to your taste.

Slice each baguette in half and grill lightly – you want the fleshy part nice and toasted.

On each baguette, drizzle on a little of those buttery juices from the pan and fill with the lamb.

Top each with the yoghurt and sprinkle on the diced red onion and coriander leaves.

And then I guess it’s a case of eating, appreciating the taste of good food and more so, all the hard work that’s gone in to it before it even reached your kitchen.

Now that’s one tasty journey…



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