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Rhubarb and orange crumble: Straight from the soil, straight from the heart…

You know when you watch a film or a TV series…like…Midsummer or Last of the Summer Wine?

Well I guess that’s totally my life right now.

Someone at work did once say to me, “Aw your life is practically set in sepia and everyone rides a bike with a basket!

But that’s definitely a pretty accurate description.

I’m happiest when I’m in my kitchen, pottering away, baking and creating something wonderful for everyone at home – frilly apron and all!

And home is where it begins though isn’t it?

Picture this:

A sunny but breezy afternoon at my parents where from the kitchen, I can see nothing but blue skies and trees whilst hearing only the sound of chickens, that ‘damn donkey’ or birds tweeting. 

My Dad is making my evening meal: Beef and barley dumpling stew on his daughter’s demand. 

And I’m whipping up a crumble, stuffed with rhubarb that he and Mum have grown and just pulled straight from the soil. 


Sometimes you gotta just stop, look at the view and live life a little slower, because perfect days like today don’t come around too often…

Rhubarb and orange crumble


You need:

130z rhubarb, washed and chopped in to 1cm pieces

Juice from half a large orange

The zest of half a large orange

The flesh of half a large orange, with no pith and cut in to 1cm cubes

6oz plain flour

3oz cold cubed butter

3oz white sugar

Sprinkling of cinnamon

3 extra teaspoons of sugar

Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees (electric fan)

Place the chopped rhubarb, orange zest, juice and cubes in to a shallow oven dish.

Sprinkle on the extra teaspoons of sugar.


In a bowl, place the butter, flour, sugar and pinch of cinnamon and rub through your fingers until you have a fine crumble consistency.


Evenly pour the crumble mix on top of the rhubarb and orange and bake for 30 minutes – or until the crumble has browned.

Turn the dish halfway through cooking.

Then you can eat and taste the flavours of home, the zest of life and maybe a little soil from the garden aha!



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