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When Rachel Khoo saved my stew…

So there’s baby brain and then there’s…just plain bloody stupid.

That’s the lesson I learnt today.

Me and Mr. GTMHTC haven’t been feeling too well recently with both of us hanging on to a cold, and with our first baby due on Tuesday, we NEED to be well again.

So, after finding myself with a chicken carcass, my plan was to take a hint from those old wives and make a hearty, traditional stock, which would then mean tonight we could feast on a healthy and delicious chicken stew.

I believe in the benefits of making your own stock.

It’s one of the oldest tricks and methods in the book providing you with unlimited health benefits as well as supplying you with the basis to many, many recipes.

There I was today, feeling all homely and professional popping the chicken bones, celery, peppercorns, garlic, onions and herbs in to my pan.

I covered everything in water and pottered around my house for three hours whilst this wonderful smell just weaved itself through every room and just made me feel good.

Then it was time to sieve.

So I sieved.

Well, what’s the problem then? I hear you say.

Here goes.

I sieved it…straight in to the sink.

You did WHAT?!

Yes, straight in to the sink – I can hear you all cackling as I write.

By the time I realised I wasn’t just you know, sieving the water off potatoes there was about 200ml left.

Some stew we’e having tonight dear…

Anyway, mortified and teary eyed, I took solace in my cookbooks and headed straight for one of my favourites: Rachel Khoo.

She has a wonderful chicken dumpling stew in there that her Grandmother used to make when she didn’t feel well and let’s face it, I was NOT feeling well right now.

I did use my own tiny amount of chicken stock in the recipe though and I’m of course sure that it was said minuscule amount that made the dish as tasty as it was…cough, cough.

The point is, it doesn’t always go to plan in the kitchen and when it doesn’t, just make really delicious chicken dumplings.

Thanks Rachel ๐Ÿ™‚ x

Watch Rachel make her recipe by clicking here


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