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Welcoming baby Maggie May to the table…

So it happened!

On September 22nd 2016, baby Maggie May entered our lives and filled our days with love, laughter and yep, a lot of yawning!

Becoming a Mother is the most magical experience that’s ever happened to me.

And of course, there’s the name to discuss – is it a coincidence or do me and Mr. GTMHTC just have a really unhealthy obsession with Rod Stewart?

Sorry to disappoint but it’s much more sentimental than that although she will be stuck with the “wake up Maggie” theme tune for the rest of her life now!

No, the name (obviously. You’ll kick yourself when you know!) comes from…both my Grandmothers.

Margaret AKA Maggie:


And Vera May: 


These pictures melt my heart.

My whole blog is based on family, coming together and celebrating history, tradition and my Grandmothers.

That’s three generations in one picture – just one more generation to add to the table.

So, welcome Maggie.

At 9lb 6oz you’re definitely already in to your food haha!

I cannot wait for when we make our own little memories in the kitchen and I can teach you how to bake, make soup and create happiness through creating  something that brings people together.

You’ve made me feel more together (and tired) than ever.

Love me, Mr. GTMHTC & Maggie May xxxx

P.s: I’ll be back when I’ve got time inbetween nappies!



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