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Another afternoon tea…maternity is great!

I mean I can’t complain – this maternity malarkey is absolutely fabulous.

Yes, yes, Maggie (my newborn for those new to the blog!) is totally out of this world but God, it really is all coffee and cake isn’t it!

There’s a bit of a pattern emerging in my family.

My Mother and sister seem to have developed a sudden love of afternoon tea and I can tell you, it’s catching.

I feel as though it’s my duty to all my fellow Mothers on maternity to jump on board this tea trailer and check out the best places around Lancashire to stuff your face with cake  – or even further. I can totally stuff my face anywhere.

It is for a good cause after all. 

So, where’s your first port of call?

Greendale View Kitchen, Chatburn, Lancashire.


Simple yet delcious but most of all, a complete bargain.

Every element is homemade and yes, I guess that’s the whole bloomin’ point of afternoon tea isn’t it but here, even the bread is made right there in house.


And it’s damn tasty.


From the outside it looks like a farmhouse on the hillside. The setting – especially on a sunny day – is something to pay for in itself, overlooking the Lancashire (and Yorkshire) landscape for endless miles. The last two times I’ve been I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in the big bay window.

We may be sliding quickly in to winter but with the fire going and the smell of fresh chocolate cookies being pulled from the oven, it’s lovely come rain or shine.

For just under £11 for sandwiches, 2 types of cake, a scone, jam and cream, tea/coffee and a view to die for, how can you say no?


My beautiful niece enjoying the…sugar!


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