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The simplest carrot & crème fraîche soup ever…

I’m never ill but when I am, I’m a moping, moaning, mumbling snotty mess who needs an endless supply of tea, digestives and hugs.

So that was yesterday.

Thankfully, I can shake these things off as quickly as they come and today I’m feeling much more like myself.

The new year has arrived, bringing the rain and dullness of January in with it meaning…oh yeah, more tea, more digestives and more hugs!

In all seriousness though, everyone is feeling pretty much the same: Full of meat and quality street. And ferrero roche and pigs in blankets and, you get it. Like, FULL full.

I don’t know about you but besides the biccies, I am totally craving veg.

To help me get me back on track along with helping my stomach to remember what it feels like to eat something remotely healthy after weeks of absolute feasts, I grabbed the brightest veggies in the fridge and made the, hands down, easiest soup going: Carrot and crème fraîche.


You will need:

1lb carrots, peeled and chopped

2 white onions, chopped finley

2 medium to large potatoes, chopped in to cubes

350g cherry toms

1 celery stick, washed and chopped

3 teaspoons of butter

1 pint of chicken stock

Salt and pepper

Crème fraîche


In a pan, lightly fry off the onions and celery in two teaspoons of butter on a medium heat. Add in the carrots and tomatoes and season very well.

Add in the potatoes once the rest of the veg has started to cook and add in the last teaspoon of butter and mix.

Pour in the stock and allow to boil gently until the potatoes and carrots have gone soft.

Season with pepper once more before adding in 3 heaped teaspoons of crème fraîche and blitz. You can top up with a little hot water if you don’t want it as thick.

Serve with another dollop of crème fraîche on top.

You could add a sprinkling of cumin or coriander on top – I just added some more cracked course black pepper.

So very simple but so warming to the core. 

And…for the first time since Christmas, it doesn’t involve any left over bloody turkey! Yey!


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