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Teaching a 4 month old about food…

Erm calm down Emily, calm down!

Alright, I know it sounds a little full on but I haven’t shoved a roast dinner down her neck or anything.

No, what I’m talking about is allowing my little Maggie to witness family meal times and to watch me in the kitchen cooking while she chills out in her chair, probably slightly fascinated/scared of this crazy Mummy mouthing, “now this my darling is a sweet potato and it’s a WONDERFUL, yes WONDERFUL thing!”

I don’t think she’s too young.

I believe what she soaks up now is atmosphere; she takes in what is going on around her be it me introducing her to how to chop an onion (from afar) or the laughter and buzz that comes from our family sat around the table, passing each other the veg and fighting over the skin on the rice pudding.


Food to most these days is either one extreme or the other.

I feel as if we’re either hearing about an obesity epidemic or the latest diet: What kind of attitude will Maggie and the rest of her generation take from that?

I want her to be involved in all aspects of food in our house because I want to promote realism. 

She will hopefully grow up respecting food and all its values; I want her to revel in its health benefits and celebrate how it brings people together.

As soon as she could, I sat her in the high chair.

As she slowly looked around at all the new things she could see from a new height, the widest smile spread across her face.

And do you what I think?

I think she was so beautifully happy because she suddenly was part of what was going on.

Because meal times are family times and that doesn’t happen enough these days…


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