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A spoonful of old fashioned pride…

Yep, a bit of a different blog tonight but one of great importance none the less.

I’ve always dressed well – as in got up and got ready in a morning. I grew up with a Mother who did exactly the same.

I mean, I get dressed up just to nip for some bloomin’ milk, it’s quite simply who I am and sometimes my Dad used to say, “ooooo where are you going?”

“Oh, just  Sainsbury’s”…

But that, right there, is the point.

Nobody seems to do this anymore where as in my Grandmothers era, everybody was always smart weren’t they? Men in suits and ladies “put together”. When you look back, there’s an overwhelming sense of pride that just radiates from every old photograph you see and when my Grandma’s reminisce about village dances and cute dates to the cinema on a Friday, it makes me think that a little bit of “all of this” is just what our world needs.

My Grandma Vera always comments on my clothes – and not in a “you girls today go out wearing nothing but a skirt for a belt!”

No, I’m somewhat of a throwback to her which is nice.

All the fashions come back around, she says and my thrifty shopping ways never fail to impress her.

The question is, what kind of values do we want our children to grow up with?

Self respect, pride and if their lucky, a little old fashioned romance wouldn’t go a miss…


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