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How Grandma does eggs…

Whisk em. Fry em. Eat em!

That is literally it.

I remember the first time I ever presented my “Grandma egg” to Mr. GTMHTC and it was met with a look of what can only be described as absolute horror.

“Erm, Emily, where is the yolk?”

So here’s the story.

I can’t remember a weekend when I wasn’t with Grandma. We were either just chilling out watching Blind Date with fish and chips on a Saturday night, or we were off somewhere on a coach trip.

I know, the good old days!

The night before we were due to set off on one of our many adventures, she’d be there in the kitchen cooking up everybody’s nightmare sandwich: Egg.

All she’d do is whisk the egg, fry it and pop it on a teacake (she did like a bit of bread with her butter).

What exactly is so special about that, I hear you complain.

This is supposed be a god damn food blog!

Yet I can’t explain. They are so tasty and I have kind of taken their simplicity as almost unique.

Yep. One of my favourite things in the world is…basically an omelette sandwich.

And here’s the other thing.

Mr. GTMHTC ate it and asks for one every time I make him a bacon sarnie.


I’ve cracked him…and I’ll crack you too!

Up to date

Like with many of her recipes, I’ve made this simple eggy delight in to something a bit more substantial.

Using it as a sort of pancake/omelette base, we like to grill it with cheese and tomatoes and maybe a sprinkling of bacon. Pop a little mustard in there too and you could almost be sat in a little Parisian bistro in the sunshine, ordering an “omelette jambon fromage”!

And that’s not a bad place to be…beats being on a coach with the ladies who’ve brought egg!

You need:

For one person

2 large free-range organic eggs

100g grated cheese plus extra for grilling

1 sliced tomato

Half a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard (my new fave thing is Tracklements mustard!)

Salt and pepper

A sprinkling of rocket

Olive oil



In a frying pan, place the olive oil on a medium heat.

Whisk the eggs with a good dose of salt and pepper and pour in to the pan when hot. Swirl a little.

The egg will cover most of the pan. Once one side is cooked – it will start to cook on the open side too – flip. Both sides should have some lovely golden bits. If not, press down a little with your spatula.

Turn the grill to a medium heat.

Take the egg and sprinkle the cheese in the middle, place the tomatoes on top and spread the mustard on the egg next to it.

Pepper once more and roll. Sprinkle the extra cheese on top and grill until golden.

If you like, while the egg roll is cooking, fry off some lardons in the pan and sprinkle over when done.

Finish with the rocket.

This is by no means a culinary masterpiece, but for a quick lunch or breakfast even it’s perfect. 


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