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The baby and the baguette…

I’ve been awake since 6am.

Which is actually a blessing here in France because if I were to be at home in England it would be (urgh) 5am.

It got to 8am and nap time was DEFFO arriving so I did what any other self respecting French woman would do.


One of my utmost favourite books. It taught me about food and it taught me how to eat…

I put the scarf on I bought at the market the other day.

I tied my hair in a chic little bun.

Then, I whacked the sunnies on and put Maggie in the pram knowing that right now, there was a queue at the bakery around the corner just full of French ladies and gents waiting for the freshest of bread.

Know I know why the French always look good.

They get up, they get out and they get fresh air in their lungs and in their perfectly cleansed faces before the day has even begun.

They eat hand made foods and feel fabulous from it.

I could get used to this.

The baguette life however is too much for my Maggie!



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