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My first holiday with a baby…

She’s just gone 7 months and who knew that one tiny person could need soooooo much to go on one tiny holiday across the Channel?

Nappies. Wipes. Food. Freezer trays (gotta love weaning). The blitzer. The masher. Teething rings.

And THEN it came to me.

You know what?

People in France have babies. 

In fact they love babies and whatever I find I don’t have when I get there, they will have in a French supermarket.

There. Done.

And from then on I simply let us enjoy the whole experience.

Maggie had some croissant. I had the rest. She even had her first beef stew made with French “boeuf” and yep, garlic. It was perfectly delicious and one of the most wonderful things in life is to see and be inspired by is how French children sit there and order seafood or as a matter of fact, sit there and know how to eat and converse and enjoy themselves at a dinner table.


I adore the fact that she’s come on her first experience. I’m writing this whilst I listen to her breathe, asleep and probably dreaming of pastries.

Yes she will probably never remember but...I will. I can see her smiling at French waiters. I can see her looking around the living room of our French home thinking, “hmm this is not where I live!”


And I can’t wait to start my scrap book with all these photos of me, him and her in France and relive the memories with her one day.

My advice to anybody dreading taking their little one on their first holiday is to not dread it at all.

Enjoy it for the chaos it may be because although they are small they take in so much. She smiles when I say bonjour. Her eyes crinkle when I call her a pain au chocolat!

And she is a picture of happiness being fussed over in all the crazy French restaurants.

Ah, the good life!



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