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We’ve bought a house!

I guess the first thing to say is sorry!

Sorry I’ve been distant and neglecting you all but it’s been one hell of a month, let me tell you.

But I do have some exciting news…

We’ve bought our very own, first house! 


I feel really proud of everything and as for the sold sign above my front door, well that can bloody well stay because yep, I, ME, WE bought it with our very own money and I want everyone to know.

Right come on, “What about the fooooood?!“, I hear you sigh.

 Well yes, a ha! My very own kitchen that belongs to me which I can mess up and decorate just as I please.


So once I’ve found my way around my cupboards – because I’ve suddenly found myself with lots of them – I’ll whip up something to celebrate one of the most wonderful things in life:

Starting family life in our new home.



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