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A Sunday well spent brings a week of content…


A place you can’t wait to leave when you’re young and impatient to do everything at once. Off you go thinking you’re grown up only to realise five years down the line, home – most of the time – really is where the heart is.

There have been many times when I’ve absolutely craved to be back in Australia, fantasising about dipping my toes in to those crystal blue waters and our lazy beach Sundays.

But you know what? There are so many ways we can do Sundays right here, at home in Clitheroe.

Yesterday we took Maggie May to Clitheroe Castle park just behind our house – the Castle being an attraction which brings tons of tourist to our lovely little town. Right there. On our doorstep.


After swinging her until she laughed like a maniac, I needed cake. Which is kinda what my life consists of now. I always need cake. Motherhood eh?

The Atrium cafe is right at the top of the castle grounds overlooking the whole town and valley. On a sunny day, it’s perfect.



There’s history, there’s beautiful scenery and…there’s carrot cake.


Yep, Maggie WAS asleep so it was perfect timing to sit down and relax with a cuppa until she opened her eyes when the cake touched down! She may not look like me but she’s definitely got my senses aha!


But it was just so nice. It was nice to do something together that didn’t mean packing the whole car up with baby gear and squishing Mags in to her car seat via the means of bribery.

I love simplicity. We went to the park and went for tea and cake.

We spent time as a family.

We had fresh air and laughter and most of all, realised that home is wherever those you love are.

And where the cake is of course!



  1. Christine Coates says

    Lovely blog and I know exactly how you feel. I spent so many happy times at Clitheroe Castle as a kid and, although I’ve lived in Italy for a long time and love and appreciate the life-style here, I still desparately miss the great things in Clitheroe & the lovely Ribble Valley. Thankfully I get back home fairly often: in fact I’ll be back in two weeks time!!
    I love your blog xx


    • Emily Llou says

      Aw thank you 🙂 Sometimes all you need is right before your eyes eh! x


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