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Home is on the menu…


What does it really mean?

To me it’s my very own sanctuary where I love to be, a place where I feel safe, happy and of course, can eat with my family and friends!

Moving house is bloody tough right?

And not just that, it’s one of thee, hands down, most emotional things I’ve ever done. Or maybe that’s just the realisation that I’m moving out of Mums (again) and she will no longer be doing my washing…

Either way, I’ve cried a lot but it’s finally all coming together.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been digging out mine and Mr. GTMHTC’s memories from the past five years and letting them fill up our home.

We’ve got menus from nearly everywhere we’ve been in the world and tickets, maps, paper bags and artwork from all sorts of places.


Above: We always go to Rosa’s Thai cafe when we visit London. The ginger drink there is my absolute favourite!

I’ve framed some, I’ve stuck some and I’ve collaged some.


Above is a menu from Eataly in New York where I can remember we shared a delicious plate of fresh mozzarella and hams and drank wine; then there’s the Guggenheim booklet – it was on my bucket list and was everything I wanted it to be and then finally a picture of us in Spain…o  the way to evening dinner!

Every room I walk in to get that wonderful nostalgic feeling and it’s nice.

It’s nice to look back on all the absolutely fabulous adventures we’ve had in a relatively short space of time and even nicer to think what might fill all the empty spaces up, especially seen as whatever comes next will put Maggie in the picture.

I hope this new chapter will see lots of friends and family pass through our home and create more memories over chatter, food and perhaps a little (a lot of) wine!

Making your house a home is easy when you’re doing it with people you love.

Happy Sunday everyone! X


Above: Australia and New York, we love both; Our dining room fireplace filled with “us” stuff plus my Grandmothers cool Indian style teapot and final, the menu from the infamous Katz’s Deli!


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